Weekly Rehearsals


Our performance group rehearse together on Wednesday evenings.

The dancers start at 7:00pm for a warm up. The band join them at 7:30pm for rehearsal until 9:00pm 

We use many styles of samba but at the heart of our inspiration is the carnival sambas of Rio.

We welcome new members throughout the year. No previous experience required, we teach you everything. 

Performers pay an annual membership of £25


Band Sessions: suitable for age 16 and over: call 07980 039465

Classes cost £4 per week or pay £20 in advance for 6 week term


Session runs 7:30p.m -9:00pm 

Sean Hooper Band Mestre and Composer

Seán has studied authentic Samba rhythms through workshops given by luminaries such as Fred Turuka, Anthony Watt, Ravin Jayasura and Simon Preston. As a percussion teacher he is able to teach any samba percussionist to a high level of proficiency whatever their level of experience.

Our Weekly Band Rehearsals
  • Wednesday 7:30-9:00p.m:
    • Trelander and St Clements Community Hall:

      Samba Dance Sessions

      Sessions cost £5 per session when we have our instructor, £3 per session other weeks 

      Performers dance session starts at 7:00pm for a warm up. The band join us at 7:30pm for 1 hour practice together. 


      Our Weekly Dance workshops
      • Wednesday 7:00-9:00p.m:
        • Trelander and St Clements Community Hall:



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